The LIAR Cover Controversy

liar-us.jpgI've spoken with Justine Larbalestier a few times, and we've talked about her doing a Cover Story. It'll happen one day! But right now, while she's in the middle of a cover crisis, I just wanted to point anyone who hasn't read about the drama with her new LIAR cover, to her blog post about it.Basically, Justine's US publisher chose a very white-girl image for the cover, although the main character in LIAR is black. (The Australian version is a more abstract cover--see behind the controversial US cover). The party line is that it has to do with sales and marketing, but whatever the case, it's a whitewash, and I'm so glad Justine is talking about it. That takes a brave author. The discussion is fast and furious--page through the comments for lots of insight, and add your own thoughts. If we keep talking about this, and blogging, and spreading the word, there may be hope for a more honest paperback cover. PS-While you're on Justine's blog, check out guest blogging Ari Miss Attitude, of Reading in Color. She rules.