Photo Friday: Teensy Bit of Wedding

I have to wait on my real, professional wedding photos, taken by my gorgeous friend Marcie, who made everyone laugh, which is key. I'll also tell you all about dress #1 and dress #2, when I have the right photos. Promise. (I know you're waiting with baited breath--haha.)Anyway, here are two photobooth photos for your enjoyment (we had the Saratoga Photobooth Company host a booth--which was SO. MUCH. FUN. Highly recommended!): With Dave. mel dave photo booth.jpg How many high school friends can fit in the booth? chhs pile.jpg And one dancing photo (this is dress #2). dancing laughter.jpg More soon! PS-Here's the NY Times announcement too! Okay, yes, it's semi-douchey, but it's also a historical record, right? Cut me some slack. PPS-More wedding coverage (and lots of shots of my ELLEgirls) from my friend Erin who blogs for if you're still curious.