The Contemps!

I've teamed up with a group of 21 YA authors who have contemporary fiction releasing in 2011: The Contemps!Readers who read 18 of our 21 releases over the year are eligible for a prize package full of great stuff. Check it out: Take The Contemps Challenge! Can I just show the list of the company I'm in (which makes me swoon)? * April Henry * Brent Crawford * Courtney Summers * Daisy Whitney * Denise Jaden * Elizabeth Scott * Emily Wing Smith * Hannah Harrington * Jo Knowles * Kirsten Hubbard * Kody Keplinger * Kristen Tracy * Lindsey Leavitt * Lisa Schroeder * Melissa Walker * Michael Northrop * Micol Ostow * Mindi Scott * Sara Bennett Wealer * Sarah Darer Littman * Sarah Ockler PS-We're on twitter at @YAContemps, and on Facebook here. Join the party, people.