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Oops! Winner!

ct_greetings_florida.jpgSorry I missed Win-It Wednesday yesterday! The winner of Michael Northrop's Trapped is... LiLi! Send me your address, L.I'm not sure if LiLi's living in Florida will make the book seem more like a fantasy novel than a contemporary one, but I sure wish I were in the Sunshine State. (And I'm going there next week--yay!) And, that said, I'm buried under work! Book stuff! So Win-It Wednesday is on pause until next week. Besides, it's Thursday anyway and I like the "W" thing of Win-It Wednesday so it just wouldn't work today. I'm justifying. Side note: Don't you love those old-timey post cards? Divine. PS-If you're in a win-it mood and I've disappointed, I direct you to readergirlz, where Megan Whalen Turner is giving away *twenty* copies of her awesome book The Thief. Go, go!

Win-It Wednesday: Trapped by Michael Northrop

Last week's winner of Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers is... Travis! Send me your address, T.trapped.jpgThis week, I'm giving away an ARC of Trapped by Michael Northrop. I've joked with Michael that these massive snowstorms are probably the best promotional efforts by an author that I've ever seen. I'm only half kidding. I've raved about this book in other spots (like on The Contemps this week), so here, I'll just tell you that it's un-put-downable. For real. To enter to win, how about you just tell me where you are and what the weather's like there. It's all we New Yorkers can talk about: "Snow! Ice! Brrrrr!" So, what is the weather like? I'll chose a winner next week. PS-Here's Michael being hilarious as usual, just for fun: