Oops! Winner!

ct_greetings_florida.jpgSorry I missed Win-It Wednesday yesterday! The winner of Michael Northrop's Trapped is... LiLi! Send me your address, L.I'm not sure if LiLi's living in Florida will make the book seem more like a fantasy novel than a contemporary one, but I sure wish I were in the Sunshine State. (And I'm going there next week--yay!) And, that said, I'm buried under work! Book stuff! So Win-It Wednesday is on pause until next week. Besides, it's Thursday anyway and I like the "W" thing of Win-It Wednesday so it just wouldn't work today. I'm justifying. Side note: Don't you love those old-timey post cards? Divine. PS-If you're in a win-it mood and I've disappointed, I direct you to readergirlz, where Megan Whalen Turner is giving away *twenty* copies of her awesome book The Thief. Go, go!