Sunday Stuff: Harmony's Contest, Delia's Dress and Pomegranates!

A few things:1. I'm over at Harmony Book Reviews, celebrating her one-year anniversary and giving away a copy of Violet in Private, so come enter to win! 155626_w_s.jpg 2. I just got this dress (in purple) from Delia's, and I love it. It would be perfect if the sleeves weren't elastic--they should be more batwing, I think--but I recommend it anyway. 3. Have you guys ever eaten pomegranate seeds, just on their own? They're my new favorite things. Plus, the method for getting them out of the fruit is fun! 296987040_cebb5677a2.jpg You fill a large bowl with water, break the fruit up, and pick off the seeds. The seeds sink to the bottom while the rind floats! It's so pretty because the seeds are so bright. And they're super good for you. I highly recommend this snack. Happy Sunday!