Photo Friday: Tyra!

tyra-beyonce-400_X_477.gif This morning I went to a taping of the Tyra Banks Show with my friends Anne and Sarah Grace. I have to admit that I didn't expect to love Miss Tyra--my experience with talk show hosts has been that they're all on-camera-smiles and off-air-grumps--but she really won me over!First of all, the three of us got sat in the front row, so Ty Ty was about five feet away from me and I can confirm that she has the smallest ankles you've ever seen. She's genuinely gorgeous, and her body is a great mix of not-too-thin curves.

She bantered really well with the audience, took questions after the show, did some quick and smart ad-libs during taping, and even spoke to me and my friends. Well, sort of. We talked for two seconds about Gossip Girl, and she looked right at me and Sarah Grace and smiled. Because she'd already won me over, I felt a thrill.

Oh, and the good news for you blog readers is this: I got pulled up on stage to dance with the audience prep guy (who ruled and knew all the moves to Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)") and because of my participation, I won a necklace from the House of Dereon that I'll be giving away next week. Aw, yeah. My humiliation is your triumph. I'm one of those people who won't even get in the middle of a dance circle among friends, so I was mortified and did some horribly doofy moves up there! And I can't tell you about the taping and who was on because it's all "non-disclosure agreement" and lawyerly stuff. But I can tell you that it was fun!

Happy Friday!