Polaroids and Isaac Mizrahi

polaroid.png I have to say that I'm sad that the Polaroid is disappearing. The fashion industry uses these instant cameras for pretty much everything, and there's just something about the sound of a Polaroid, the shape of that photo border, the moody colors in the pictures... sigh. I have a camera, so I'm buying up stores of film and will treasure each shot!41J8V9W7KFL._AA354_.jpg Also, I'll miss Isaac designing for Target. I have a "garden dress" he did two years ago that I still get compliments on. As far as I'm concerned, he's the king of the simple summer party dress -- and since they cost so little you don't even mind picnicking in them and risking grass stains. Farewell, Isaac! I'm sad to see you move on, but I do understand that when Tim Gunn and Liz Claiborne call, you must answer. Anything you guys are nostalgic for these days?