Nature, Undercover

n697750506_2250633_7807.jpg Last weekend, I went skiing in Colorado for the first time--it was amazing how wide the trails were, how warm the sun felt as it glinted and sparkled on the powdery snow. It made me think of a book I was close to finishing, Undercover by Beth Kephart. It's a lovely, poetic novel about Elisa, an unlikely Cyrano who pens love notes for the boys in her grade to give to other girls. Undercover reads like a lyrical dream, each chapter leading you more deeply into Elisa's world of yellow flag leaves and moons as big as orchestras. It's a gorgeous book about human and mother nature both.And Beth's blog, which I've mentioned before, reads like poetry every day. (Plus, she finds the coolest photos to go with her prose!) Happy Friday, everyone. 17617646.JPG