Photo Friday: Snow Days!

I had a down and up week...First, I had to watch my Tarheels lose to Dook. Really, they threw away the game all on their own, but it was a BUM-MER. This is how I roll on game nights. My living room looks very fratty for some reason (I am not promoting beer, but I am promoting pizza): IMG_0800.jpg This is where Swayze goes when I start yelling at the TV during basketball games: IMG_0801.jpg Luckily, after that loss, I had lots of snow to play in at the park up the block from my house. Here are my friends Meredith and Anne, ready to sled! IMG_0808.jpg Whee! IMG_0809.jpg Also, someone built an awesome igloo in the park, and Anne and I went inside and looked out the window: IMG_0814.jpg IMG_0810.jpg So the week was pretty fun after all. How was yours?