Photo Friday: One More Time, For Spain!

This will be my last Spain Photo Friday--I promise. But I had to share a few more gallivanting pictures (who knows when I'll take a trip this grand again?!). Plus, Becky gave me her photos so I have more to foist upon you (isn't foist such a weird word)! Here goes (sorry if they're fuzzy--click for clear!).Dreaming at The Alhambra... 131.JPG and on the Balcony of Europe in Nerja: balcon.jpg It was too cold for a Carolina girl to swim (boo!)... nerjaocean.JPG but not too cold for ice cream (yay!) nerja ice cream.jpg There were camels in Morocco. I'm not proud of this photo. camel.jpg And there was spinning in Valencia (I love this!): 490.jpg There was by-the-pool time with Dave... barcelonapool.jpg and cultural Gaudi time with Becky: botllo becky.jpg There were boys racing up stairs (yes, this still happens after 30)... boys on stairs.jpg and I stole someone's wedding petals to use in a Becky-in-front-of-charming-Barcelona-chapel photo. Don't worry, the wedding was over. These were fair game! chapel becky.jpg And through it all, there was... PAELLA!! paella.jpg Thank you for letting me share! PS-A quick plaza-in-Granada video, just because I was so enchanted. Spin with me!