Photo Friday: Old School and New Birthday Pics

I'm over at Teen Fiction Cafe today, blogging about surviving high school. Here's what helped me:1994scrapbookcover.jpg My friends! Yes, I know I'm an overly nostalgic dork. This is the actual cover of my 1995 senior year scrapbook. Won't you come leave me a comment on TFC? And here are a couple of pics from my birthday party last Saturday, which I shared with my friend Mariel, who let us wear feathers in our hair, which was awesome. Yes, even some people from that high school scrapbook were there. That second "F" on BFF means something, you know? n575758925_513657_9899.jpgIMG_7818.jpg Happy weekend! PS-The reading last night was great--these are authors you must know! Carolyn Mackler, Bennett Madison and Michael Northrop (whose book doesn't come out until next spring, which is why I can't link!). Check them out.