Marketing Monday: A Violet Video

So Daniel made this ah-mazing talking video about the Violet books, and I love it because he's awesome and he's in his kitchen and he has really strong opinions about America's Next Top Model. Daniel says, "The Songs If You Really Care Are: Mouthwash - Kate Nash and The Fortunate - Cartel." He hates the light streaks behind him but I like them--it's authentic. I also love that Violet on the Runway is lost in the abyss of his car. Thanks, Daniel! I may make "Violet Video" a contest one day... but that takes a lot of work so I'll have to give away more than one book. Re-post Daniel's video if you like it! PS-Since you can't see the link if you watch the video here, you can add me on myspace or facebook through these links. PPS-Thanks to The Book Vault for the review!