Photo Friday: Moonlighting!

A few weeks ago I was talking to author Barry Lyga about his amazing new option deal for Boy Toy, when he indicated that I probably was too young to know the great show that Glenn Gordon Caron, the person who optioned Boy Toy, had created."What show was it?" I asked. "Moonlighting," said Barry. Um, that was only my favorite show when I was a kid! I even used to write spec scripts with my friend Ciji (I made her play Bruce's character -- I was bossy). I believe I went on and on about how much I loved the sparring between main characters David and Maddie, and I promised to dig up an old photo that I knew I had somewhere... Well, here it is--proof of my fandom, complete with coffee-ring stain and pushpin holes in the corners. Moonlighting.jpg That's cardboard Cybill and Bruce (in formalwear), plus my friend Becky (in stripes) and me (in yellow "Party Time" alligator tee, naturally) hanging out at a county fair. Congrats to Barry on the option, and Happy Friday! I leave you with the intro to an amazing 80s show (Shoulder pads! Mercedes! Bruce Willis with hair!):