Photo Friday: Lovestruck Shelves

A few people have sent me photos of Lovestruck Summer on bookstore shelves, which makes me so happy! Here they are:Book Chic did a Bookstalking post where he took a ton of bookstore shots at The Regulator Bookshop in Durham, NC. bookchicshelfshot.jpg My friend Stefanie found an endcap display at a Barnes and Noble in NYC! lovestruckbn.jpg Deadly Little Secret author Laurie Stolarz also snapped a shelf shot for me in NYC. Thanks, Laurie! lovestrucksummerlaurie.jpg So if you come across the book, I'd love to see it. Take a camera phone shot if you feel self-conscious (that's what I do for author friends). Happy Friday! PS-A few people have emailed me to say they can't find Lovestruck Summer at their local bookstores. If you ask them to order it for you, they will! No charge to you and it spreads the word for me. Thank you!