Cupcakes, Marilyn Monroe and Daniel Johnston

baby-shower-cupcakes.jpgIt's my birthday; I am going to eat cupcakes all day!If you really want to make me happy for my birthday, save the date and come join me on Tuesday, June 9th at 9pm EST/6pm PST at readergirlz for a virtual launch celebration of Lovestruck Summer! We'll chatter about books, summer love, music, anything we like. And to my fellow Geminis (who are obviously the best, astrologically speaking), Happy Birthdays all around! danieljohnstonhihowareyou.jpg PS-Cupcake Witch put up a really sweet review of Lovestruck Summer and suggested a cover design for the book (which I totally love, and which involves this Daniel Johnston drawing). PPS-Marilyn Monroe would have been 83 this year, and there are some never-before-published photos up at LIFE magazine that are totally luminous. UPDATE: OMG, Thanks, guys! Jefferson Market NYPL rules!