Photo Friday: It's Fall! + AA Drag Show

First, fall is awesome, as evidenced by this tree on my block. It's lemon-lime colored! I love it.IMG00161.jpg So last weekend I went to a show where there was no line for the ladies' room (but the men's room was PACKED). It was The 8th Annual Miss Sobriety Drag Pageant put on by Alcoholics Anonymous, and it was fabulous and glittery! I went with my friend Kevin, who, admittedly, inspired a bit of the character of Kurt in Violet in Private. Everyone needs a Kevin. Here are a few shots. (1) Note that I got to meet Project Runway contestant Chris March, who was really nice (yes, that's me in between those glamorous queens!). (2) All the contestants on stage. (3) And the winner, Chisa Chu! IMG00165.jpgIMG00164.jpgIMG00163.jpg I didn't get a good shot of last year's winner, Pancakes Barbara, but she was gorgeous and hilarious, in a young Judy Garland kind of way. Have a shiny, happy weekend!