Another Violet Contest Entry: A Fashion Show, by Rachel Robinson

The super-innovative Rachel Robinson turned in an incredible entry into the Big Violet Contest. She made a flier advertising a fashion show that Violet is walking, a ticket for the event, and a press release about it, (the text of which I'll post below so it's easier to read). I absolutely love Rachel's creativity here! Thank you, RR!rachel%20project.jpg Violet Greenfield Returns By Rachel Robinson Friday, October 3rd, Tracetown Fashions will debut their mysterious new "Green" clothing line during fall fashion week. And in keeping with the Green fashion, everything connected to the show will be environmentally friendly. With organic make-up, a recycled canvas tent, and electric powered by solar panels, Tracetown is already making quite the impression. But Tracetown going green isn't the only thing leaving an impression on the fashion world; it is Tracetown's choice on the model that will close their show, Violet Greenfield. After taking a sabbatical away from modeling to attend a semester at Vassar College and an internship at Teen Girl magazine, Violet Greenfield is making her debut back into the modeling world in Tracetowns tent at fashion week. But this isn't just any debut, that fabulous Miss Greenfield stated several times that the Fashion Week tents will be her one and only stop in the modeling world. Our sources have reported that Greenfield has received several offers to have her walk in other shows, but so far she has not accepted any. "I'm only doing this as a favor to Mickey and Matt. They gave me my start, stuck by me through thick and thin (literally), and I want to repay them anyway I can." When asked about why all of the fuss about having Greenfield model for them, Tracetown representatives gave this statement: 'Violet Greenfield is the inspiration and reason behind our new line of Green fashions. It is only fitting that she represents them.' Tracetown seems sure of their decision, and Greenfield seems ready, lets just hope the fashions fit. How cool is Rachel? So cool.