Photo Friday: Happy Halloween!

Halloween always makes me think of my college friend Charles. Maybe because he has retained a sense of childlike wonder that few hold onto past age 25. So, in honor of the holiday, here are costumes from years past... including some from Charles.waitressstar.jpg 1. Me as a diner waitress; Charles as a star. We told him that painting his face white made him a very scary Star, but he insisted he was joyful. prom.jpg 2. Me as a messed up Prom Queen. Everyone thought I was Courtney Love. I borrowed this amazing yellow dress (and tiara) from the Seventeen Prom closet... shhh.... charlespan.jpg 3. My college friend Charles, this year. He's on a trampolene, and he said I could post this. He is not growing up anytime soon. He's in LA now--miss you, CT! I have no costume this year! Maybe I'll throw on an apron and call myself Betty Draper. What are you guys going as?