Another Violet Contest Entry: Coke-bottle Violet, by Lucy D!

Lucy D. entered the big Violet contest in an incredibly original way. I'm going to quote her email so that the photos can be explained. Here's Lucy...violet%20with%20necklace%2C%20yay%21.jpg "I designed a (violet) dress for a Coke bottle--because your books are about the fashion industry! (Which was actually pretty silly of me since I know next to nothing about sewing, and my lack of designing ability!) I googled it to see if there were any examples I could work on and found this, which is pretty funny: (MW note: It IS funny! Lucy D. and Cavalli!) "And it's also remake of the Violet on the Runway cover, as well as being a crossover with Zoolander- so it's kind of like 3 in 1. (MW note: I love Zoolander! Amazing movie. Must see.) "I know my dress doesn't look that flash--especially since you get invited to Fashion Week (by Vivienne Tam no less!), lol, but I am so glad that I finally finished something that I've started--in a craftish way! And I'm really sorry that Violet's neck looks really... long, especially compared to her head! I think the hardest thing for me in the end, was deciding what type of dress I'd make--I'm really indecisive. potential%20skirt%202-bubble.jpg I had a few other possible skirt pieces (like the bubble skirt shown) that I finished but didn't really look that good, lol! The skirt I ended up with is sort of princess style, which is great coz all of my other attempts looked shapeless! I had to superglue it onto the bottle, so I used gloves! I started the bottom of the dress later than the top because I couldn't find any usable purple fabric in town. So I looked up the directions to a second hand store called Savemart which was about a 45 min walk away. I found tons of great stuff, but I didn't need to use a lot of it! =) (MW note: I love this step by step thought process, outlined by Lucy! AND, this is way cooler than any fashion show I've been to.) the%20whole%20dress.jpg "And I kept changing the top part too. It's made out of this feathery, silky yarn, and I wound it across the top of the bottle. Sometimes there were lots of kinks, which made it hard to smooth down, and it would keep twisting. I meant to put the feathery stuff on top, but it the end I decided not to (except for the neckline and where it meets the skirt), because it was really thick and made the proportion was wrong. I was also going to make the neckline straight and strapless, but it didn't really look like a girl bottle (if that makes sense, lol!) so I made it a sweetheart neckline. It was really hard to get the right arch onto sellotape--so it took awhile, lol! "If you have seen it, I used the part where Zoolander is being brainwashed, and there are those celeb cutouts that pop up when he's on the runway. =) I watched the clip again, and I tried to get the most similar pictures I could, and put them in order on the runway. The only person I couldn't make was the Prime Minister of Malaysia but he probably would've taken the spotlight away from Violet, lol! z_fred%20durst.jpgz_garry%20shandling.jpgz_lance%20bass.jpgz_lil%20kim.jpg "I tried to make the cutouts lean, and I had three spare straws from McD's (I has to use a coffee stirrer for Fred Durst though) so I stabbed pins through the sheets. (MW note: Um, I love the cast of celebrities at this fashion show. Genius.) "As for violet's face I bought a ping pong ball, and got my purple thread (It's the only one I have--so I'm going to pretend that Violet dyed her hair violet, lol!) and wound it around my tv antenna--my fingers wouldn't make a big enough loop! Then I tied, cut and superglued her hair on. It took three loops, coz she kept on having bald patches! I gave her a (sort of) swooping fringe, and flicked her hair. "I had a hard time trying to find something to make the runway out of (I tried three tissue boxes sellotaped together- didn't work) and I found some cardboard from a parcel my parents had sent me. Then I wrapped it in a white sheet (that I bought at Savemart) and tried to get the creases out of it, lol! There isn't much space in my sardine can of a room, so I had to put everything on my bed- go ahead, you can laugh at my duvet cover with the dogs on it! ;) It looked sort of boring so I turned my scarf into a 'V' for violet on the wall. =D "I hope you're having a great day and thanks so much for the opportunity! I learned a lot from this, like re-learning how to sew, and the fact that pins are a very important thing to have before you start, lol! ;)" Okay, is everyone now loving Lucy D. like I love Lucy D.? AMAZING entry! (Finished product below.) Thank you! COVER2.jpg PS-One more note from Lucy D.: "btw, I am eating mango passion frozen yoghurt right now and it is amazing! I would highly recommend it! =D"