Photo Friday: Farm Shares and Rainbow Nails

This week we got a huge farm share delivery, full of all this stuff:farmshare.jpg I worked at the garden this week, so I snapped a pic of the pears and apples we got, which are delish: pears.jpg apples.jpg And I went to the Spa Week event, where there was a chocolate fountain (missed you, Charles!) and I got my nails done so that the ring finger was a rainbow. It's a sticker trick, but it looks good, right (sorry so fuzzy)? choc fount.jpeg rainbow nail.jpeg And, finally, my cats are cute. That's Swayze squeezing himself into the corner of our clear coffee table sideways, and Winnie in the window, looking intense (and possibly evil) as usual. side swayze.jpg winnie.jpeg Happy Friday! PS-Sarah Dessen shared the cover of her upcoming book today! Big news!