Cover Stories + Win-It Wednesday: Her and Me and You by Lauren Strasnick

The winner of last week's copy of hilarious-sounding fake vampire novel Bloodthirsty by Flynn Meaney is... Kristi! Send me your address, K.her and me and you.jpgThis week, Lauren Strasnick is here to talk about the cover of her latest book Her and Me and You. Kirkus says, "Strasnick's slim second offering packs a lot into its short chapters: divorce, broken friendships, crushes, the lines between love and sex and more. Characterization, scenes, dialogue and setting are seamlessly distilled into so few sharp, image-rich phrases that the novel reads almost as if it were written in verse... Complex and thought-provoking." How good does that sound? Here's Lauren with the Cover Story (comment below to enter to win a copy of the book!): "I didn't have any specific cover image in mind - but when I finally saw the finished design, I flipped. So gorgeous. It seriously exceeded my expectations. "I didn't give any input for Her and Me and You. I got to choose the shoes (Converse All Stars) that went on the spine of my first book, Nothing Like You. And I was asked for suggestions when S&S was trying to come up with an image for the paperback version of Nothing Like You (see the hardcover and paperback below). nothing like youhc.jpg nothing like you.jpg "Her and Me and You was born beautiful. It's a stock photo. Makes you want to stroll the snowy streets alone at night, right? Glorious." Thanks, Lauren. I adore the cover! It actually makes me excited for winter days... which I've been dreading. But when I see that lamp-lit street and the snow falling softly, I'm ready! I also am way into the paperback revised cover of Nothing Like You. I am a sucker for that late-day (or maybe early morning?) light. What do you guys think? Comment for a chance to win Her and Me and You!