Photo Friday: California!

I got to head to California last week, where I hit Morro Bay on the central coast with some high school friends:IMG_0911.jpg And then I got to pretend to be cool with college friends in LA: IMG_0938.jpg We also ate some amazing food at The Bazaar at SLS (molecular gastronomy, which I only know about because of Top Chef). I ate a man-made olive -- and I liked it! IMG_0948.jpg IMG_0950.jpg IMG_0951.jpg (Cotton Candy Foie Gras, Philly Cheese Steaks and Egg Salad, if you're interested.) Looking back on this post, I feel a little douche-y. But, you know, sometimes it's fun to go to the beach with your 17-year-old best friends, wear sunglasses inside and eat at fancy LA restaurants. Normal life is pajama pants and DVR, and I'm back to that now! Happy Friday!