Marketing Monday: Your Friends' Blogs Are Your Friends

www.bigoo.wswww.bigoo.wswww.bigoo.wswww.bigoo.wswww.bigoo.wsWhen Violet on the Runway came out, I sent out a big email to family and friends, as you do. And in that email, I said, "If you have a blog, I won't be mad if you mention the book." Et voila! Instant publicity in niche markets (i.e., among my friends and their friends and their friends' friends). You never know who might stumble upon your book that way. Big thanks to: Ben, on Lausanne Found Claire, on Sally-Anne, on A Zesty Enterprise Steve, on Per aspera Stephanie L., on Pop Culture Junkette Dave, on grossy's blog Sarah D., on I-Am-Your-Mom Luddy, on Luddy's blog Stephanie B., on Spread Eagle in NYC And if you have a blog... well, email me. PS-Congratulations to Sara, who won this week's Win-It Wednesday by posting on myspace! Her name came to the top of the hat drawing (all names, including and posters, were entered). Sara, email me your address and I'll send your prize.