A new blog I love, keep winning it, and a few good reviews

Thursday's cupcake is for Beth Kephart, whose new book, Undercover, has gotten amazing reviews. I cannot wait to read it, especially after stumbling upon Beth's blog, which is incredibly well done, and encourages everyone to fall in love with writing.I quote, from Tuesday's post: "A child asks: What is the surest way to success as a writer? Success being (the child says) fame, being fortune. Because it happened to J.K. Rowling. Because it should happen to us all. I want to say: Change the terms of your equation. Seek, first, conversation with yourself. Then conversation with others. Then impact." Um, WOW. Go read it! Feel free to keep posting on Wednesday's contest--I'll wait until Sunday to pick a winner. Lastly, a couple of good reviews for Violet on the Runway came out this week--yay! Here they are: Flamingnet Beauty Blogging Junkie The Foursquare Clark Magnet High School Chronicle