Marketing Monday, and The Wire

First, I just want to say, I've loved all the high school newspaper interviews I've done. So. Fun.And the reviews are great, too! Here are links to a few more Violet on the Runway mentions: Danville High School's The Log Topeka West High School's Campus View Venice High School's The Oarsman And authors, you can find contact info for lots of high school newspaper advisors at, so I advise you to get in touch with some and offer your book for review and yourself for an interview! Win-Win. Now, down to business. My friend Charles took me to the premiere of the first episode of the final season of The Wire on Friday night. It was, in short, incredible. And then we went to the HBO after-party. If you're a fan of the show, you know what I mean when I say I was in the app line behind Chris and Snoop, and I got a little nervous (I seem to have a problem remembering that they are actors playing characters--The Wire is just so real!). I even danced with Bubbles! Unfortunately, we only had Charles's Treo camera to capture some moments with, but I did my best. Here is my fandom, in all its fuzzy glory: Mel%20and%20Omar.jpg Me with Omar! Did you hear me? I said that is ME, standing next to Omar. Okay, Michael Kenneth Williams. And he was so nice! You can see Carver (Seth Gilliam) in the background. M%20and%20Bubbles.jpg I am dancing with Bubbles (Andre Royo), who looked like an Ivy League college professor in person! The man had some major energy too. With%20Carver.jpg Carver (Seth Gilliam) was really nice, and so cute in person. M%20and%20Marlow.jpg Me and Marlo (Jamie Hector). Yes, that really is Marlo, the cold-blooded drug lord! He never smiles on the show, so this seems completely out of character, but that helped me remember that he's an actor. Me%20and%20Mr.%20Prezbo.jpg Me and Mr. Prezbo (Jim True-Frost) got a moment on the dance floor. I was explaining to Charles how he used to bring Dukie clean clothes at school. I mean, his character did that. My one regret is not getting a photo with Dukie (Jermaine Crawford) and Michael (Tristan Wilds), who were both out on the dance floor but somehow eluded me. I don't think on purpose... Anyway, I worship them, as evidenced by this review I wrote for Radar. Any other Wire fans out there? This season is going to rule, and I'm sure I'll cry when it's over. Happy Monday!