Is anyone watching the return of 'American Gladiators'?

Hot%2BNitro1.jpg Okay, I am totally nostalgic for the early-90s old days with Nitro (left), but I'll accept these new Gladiators. As for the contestants, though, What is going on? Overall, I have a few questions:1. Does anyone know a guy named Chad who is NOT from California? Nothing against Chads or California, I'm just asking... 2. Who else thinks the hand bike still looks REALLY hard? 3. What was up with Koya losing the Eliminator? First of all, both she and Venus looked like they'd been drugged. And when Koya collapsed on the high-incline treadmill? SHOCKER! It almost seemed staged, but I'll accept it because I like to believe in TV. Like, I still make myself pretend that The Hills is real. 4. What's your favorite Gladiator event? I'm into "Assault." It's a classic. (And Moley really messed it up last night.) 5. Does anyone else think Bonnie's hair is amazing in a 'the perm I wanted in 7th grade' way? Also, her performance on the rings was incredible (when Fury did her suicide move, I thought Bonnie was over, but no!). And she bled through the Eliminator after she hit her head!! Plus, her full name is Bonnie Blanco, which would make her the perfect girlfriend for Donnie Darko. Or something. But she still lost to Shanay. 6. I love how the Joust instruments still look like big Q-Tips. Don't mess with success, NBC! 7. It's kind of badass when challenges have a one-word name: "Pyramid," "Gauntlet," "Wall." 8. Hulk Hogan is hosting with Laila Ali, which is cool. But Hulk calls people "Brother" too much. And it also reminds me that I'm sad about his divorce. Is that weird? 9. I really like the end of the Eliminator when you bust through the square-pillow wall and fall into a cushiony victory. That part looks fun. 10. You can play for yourself here. You're welcome.