Kindle Questions

kindle.jpgOkay, so I got a Kindle. I read The Hunger Games on it, but that's the only book I've bought so far, and I kind of wish I owned the actual book so I could have the complete set on my shelf (I have hard copies of the other two).I purchased the Kindle mainly because sometimes I read author friends' books before they're published, and I like to download them to the Kindle so I don't have to read them on screen. I thought I'd be able to make notes on it -- and I can -- but then when I try to import the notes back to the computer, it won't do that. So any comments or edits I've made, I have to re-input. That is annoying. Does anyone else have a Kindle? Are you liking it? I find myself still wanting to buy real books. As anyone who reads this blog knows, too, I cannot abide by the loss of the cover that happens when you get an e-book. Sad! Thoughts? Oh, and anyone have an idea for a good Kindle case? I can't find one I like. PS-Just read an essay on why paperbacks are better than e-readers, and I especially agree with the illustrations point. A children's book could never translate!