Cover Stories: Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin

lrmcoverfinal.jpgIvy Devlin's Low Red Moon just shines on shelves. Partly because of the foil, and partly because of its gorgeous red and partly because of the amazing illustrations -- it comes together gorgeously.Here's Ivy to share her side of the story: "The original title of the book was red, so as I was writing the book, I figured that, if I was lucky enough to have the stars align and have it sell, a cover with some red in it would be cool. "We did talk a little about the cover, mostly because the title of the book changed. Everyone wanted red from the start, though, which was fun! "When I first saw the cover, I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming, because it's a total dream cover! The red is amazing looking, and it's done in foil, so it shines, and then the title is embossed...I am the luckiest author ever, to have such a great cover! "I actually talked to a lot of people at Bloomsbury about the cover, and the actual interior of the book as well. The cover is gorgeous, but the inside is really stunning because it's two-color, which is rare and really makes the book pop! The whole thing is so pretty I wouldn't mind framing it, if I could... LowRedMoonARCcover.jpg"The ARCs were very different looking than the final book--much smaller font, just one page of two-color printing, and no fancy cover (right)--so yep, the cover--and the book! changed a lot from the ARC to the finished book. "The designer for the cover of Low Red Moon created the entire thing! I'm not sure if any photos were used or not, but I know a lot of work went into creating the cover and the awesome little illustrations in the book, and I know I keep saying this but really, if I could frame the whole thing, I so would! "In case it's not obvious (!), I LOVE my cover! And I'm so grateful to Bloomsbury for creating such an amazing looking book, not just the cover, but the inside as well. I couldn't ask for a more perfect looking book!" Thanks, Ivy! And yay, Bloomsbury! (I will be sharing the Small-Town Sinners cover by their great art department soon!) I have seen this book up close and personal, and showing pics on a blog really doesn't do all the foil and amazing interior art justice. Pick it up off the shelf to appreciate it in real life. (The word "moon" is always printed in red -- super cool.) What do you guys think of this cover? Has anyone seen it in person? Watch the trailer here: