Bonus Cover Stories: Black is for Beginnings by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Laurie Faria Stolarz is on her Girlfriend Cyber Circuit tour this week, and she stopped by to share a short-and-sweet Cover Story:dllm.jpg"I loved the cover for DEADLY LITTLE LIES. I love the pop of red in the umbrella, and I love the barren tree and the sliver of moon in the background. [MW interruption: I love this cover too! I am really into umbrellas for some reason... Also, remember the Cover Story behind Laurie's DEADLY LITTLE SECRET? It's good!] "For BLACK IS FOR BEGINNINGS, seeing my work illustrated, in general, was such a thrill. I loved having the opportunity to work with an illustrator to see my characters come to life. bifbm.jpgMy editor and I viewed the samples of so many different artists as we were picking the illustrator for BLACK IS FOR BEGINNINGS. As soon as I saw Janina Gorrissen's work, I knew she was the perfect person to illustrate my book." Thanks, Laurie! Obviously these books are in different series and they have different feels. Having your characters illustrated must be a thrill (Black is for Beginnings is the first one in the Blue is for Nightmares series that is a graphic novel, which is why it looks so different)! Here are the other four books in that series: blue_redot.JPGwhiteset.jpgsilverset.jpgredset.jpg I see a candle theme... One that they kept in the graphic cover. What do you guys think of the covers?