Cover Stories: Believe by Sarah Aronson

cover believeSarah Aronson's Believe is out this month, and it has a simple, intriguing cover (with secret inside design). Here's her Cover Story: "In the beginning, I envisioned the word, BELIEVE, written across the palm of a disfigured hand. Now, when I think about that image, I am so glad they didn't go with it. Once the sewing subplot found its way into the story, I hoped that it would find its way to the cover.

"When I saw the cover, I was on the El Train after having lunch with Esther Herschenhorn and I had just found a vintage Valentino dress on drastic markdown. So I was in a really great mood!  Once we were above ground, I checked my phone and saw the message. Of course, my phone is slow. We were passing Wrigley Field when I was finally able to download the image. The second I saw it, I started squealing. The only other people in the car were: two 20-somethings (making out) and a guy who had just asked me for spare change. So I asked him, 'If you had spare change, would you buy this book??' It was really funny! The others stopped kissing and we all looked at the cover and predicted great things!

"I love that the cover is gender neutral. And that it doesn't overly reference the religious themes in the book. (Once in a bad dream, I pictured a pile of rubble with a hand reaching out of it.) The best part of the cover: the mood. It's interesting. It doesn't give away anything. It just creates a tone. (And I know this is silly, but I was happy that they chose the color red. Not just for what red symbolizes. It matches my other YA novel, Head Case. They look GREAT on the shelf next to each other!)

"I love the cover. And I love the secret cool design on the inside jacket (see below). Love that there's a perk to buying the book!!! You can look on my Pinterest page for inspirational images: the hamsa. The hand. And images of Baby Jessica, who was the original inspiration for this book. (She was the baby who fell into the well.)

believe inside jacket

"Here's a link to the story behind the story!"

Thanks, Sarah! Love all the layers to this tale!