Cover Stories: All I Need by Susane Colasanti

cover1Susane Colasanti posted about her cover shoot over on her blog, and she told me I could snag an outtake and a quote, so I did! "Authors usually have zero input in the planning process when it comes to cover design. Fortunately, my editor asked for input before this photo shoot took place. I told her I’d love to see the models in Vans and flip-flops. Just like Seth and Skye wear in the book. After trying them out, the photo shoot art director decided that barefoot was a better look. Which totally worked out for the best. I love the heart as a tool for hiding their faces. Faces are always hidden on my book covers so you can imagine what the characters look like yourself. The endless possibilities for hiding models’ faces is astounding."

Check out her full story here. So cute.

The final cover: