Bonus Cover Stories: Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood

GettingRevenge.jpgThe lovely Eileen Cook is here to share the story of her new release, Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood. "There is a scene in the book where the main character dresses up a Barbie doll in a cheerleader outfit and then chucks it into a wood chipper. I thought it would be fun to show someone holding a Barbie doll by it's hair and sticking a pin into it- voodoo style.

"I shared my idea, but the art department warned me that Barbie is trademarked so they frown on people sticking pins in her on book covers. dollwithbook.jpgThe designer did like the concept so she ordered a custom made doll from China and created the cover we ended up with (left).

"I believe I may have actually squealed out loud when I saw the final cover (above). I was THRILLED. I think it's super eye catching and captures the book perfectly.

"I really lucked out in that my editor and the art department have always been open to my making comments and feedback. There was a very early version of the cover that showed a girl staring out looking snarky and while I didn't hate it- I thought the picture could have been on a thousand different books. It didn't feel unique. The art director also wasn't thrilled with her first version so it was back to the drawing board. Revenge1.jpg Revenge2.jpg "We went through about three versions. The first was the most different as it was a photo of a girl, then the cover we have now but with a plain white background and then the cover as it currently exists.

"The cover is a photo shoot of the doll they ordered. The doll came wearing a pair of lacy panties. Makes you sort of wonder about who typically orders these dolls. Her panties didn't make the shoot.

"This is my favorite cover. I love pretty much everything about it from the picture to the color and the font."

I'm always kind of mesmerized by doll covers, and this one is especially intriguing with the knife (and also the back story of how she arrived in just panties--yikes). I also think they got the colors/fonts right. What do you guys think?