Questions, Answered

Last week I did a live chat with Inkpop (transcript here) and tons of great questions got asked, plus two attendees won Small Town Sinners! But things got so hectic that I didn't get to answer all of the Qs in the comments. So here are responses to a few of those:

  • Hi Melissa, would you consider to write book(s) from other genres? Or insert elements of other genres in your book(s) (i.e. horror)?
    I would definitely consider any genre, because I love trying new things (if you've read all of my books you know they are all pretty different in tone). Horror, though, is probably not one I'll do, mostly because I'm a complete FRAIDY CAT and I'd probably scare myself.

  • I just finished Small Town Sinners, and it was incredible. How did you come up with the idea for it and create a setting that seemed so real?
    Thank you! The book was based partially on this magazine story (pictured), which definitely helped me establish a setting.

  • How do you encourage yourself to write when you're feeling down? 
    This is happening right now because I feel very torn between new baby time and writing time (but I need to be writing!). Listening to music is really helping. It puts me in a mood (good or bad, whatever I need for the scene) and helps me create emotional moments.
    I'll bring Win-It Wednesday back next week after I catch up on mailing out previous prizes. Remember to always check the week after to see if you've won--sometimes people miss that part!