Winner of IN TOO DEEP + Pathetic Moments in Love

ZombieQueenFRONT.JPG I randomly chose a winner of IN TOO DEEP from last week's contest, and it's Nicole (of the nhertel85 email address). N, let me know where Jennifer can send the book!Today I'm over at Amanda Ashby's blog, celebrating the release of The Zombie Queen of Newbury High with a vlog about a pathetic love moment of mine. Go watch it, leave a comment, and you could win this Supermodel Stain (below). And check out each post--tons of good party blogs over there! SStain---Slenderella-With-B.jpg Happy Tuesday! PS-Totally off topic, but did you guys like the Oscars? I thought the fashion was uninspiring (Oh, Whoopi! No!) but I was happy with the winners!