Win-It Wednesday: Violet by Design

So last week I asked about titles, and found out about some great ones from you guys... I am especially excited about How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier. That has to be high on the Best Title Ever list. And the winner of Skin by Adrienne Maria Vrettos is... Steph! Send me your address, S, and the book will wing its way to you!cgviolet.jpg Now, this week I'm cheating slightly because I haven't finished reading the book I want to gift you next (re-gift, I guess--sorry!) but there is a contest running in the June/July issue of COSMOgirl! that goes on until June 30th and I'm telling you about it here. See that little text at the bottom of the page shown here? It tells you how to enter to win a copy of Violet by Design. So... click on the picture to zoom in... and go for it! (Bonus: Find your signature style at the same time.) And, as I always love, love, love all the comments during contest time, I also will give away a copy of Violet by Design (signed) to one commenter here. My question is: What sidekick character from a book should have a spin-off novel about them? I want to hear which best friend or boyfriend or parent or rival or lurking stranger you'd want to hear more from, for whatever reason. My answer: I think I'd like to hear Owen's back story from Sarah Dessen's Just Listen. He fascinated me. Winner chosen next Wednesday! And don't forget to enter this Shooting Stars magazine contest by Friday to win a marked-up copy of Violet on the Runway.