Win-It Wednesday: Twilight

It was cool to hear your thoughts on independent bookstores last week! For those of you who've only been to musty or too-specialty ones, definitely look for more as you travel. There are some that feel just like home--I promise! And the winner of Love and Other Four Letter Words, signed by author Carolyn Mackler, is... Kate from myspace, who likes Ben Jelen (me too!). Send me your address, Kate.twilight_book_cover.jpg Now, this week I'm giving away my copy of Twilight. I finally got around to reading this, and yes, I get why everyone is just gaga over it: Action + Romance + Hot Vampires? How could Ms. Meyer go wrong? I have to say that at a few parts I wondered if Bella was gonna develop her feminist side at all, but I was pretty entrenched in the story. I have to read the others now... soon. No spoilers, please! I know probably everyone has this, but it's the hardcover one and it's in perfect condition. So, if you want to win it, just tell someone about the upcoming release of Violet in Private. It's less than three weeks away, and I would be so happy if you alert your librarian, bookstore friend, myspace list, etc. And bonus if you share info about this contest. After all, with Breaking Dawn coming out the same week as Violet in Private, I feel closer than ever to Edward and Bella. Just tell me below how you spread the word, and you're in! I'll pick a winner next Wednesday. Oh, and PS-Release week is going to be F-U-N. Major gift bag up for grabs. That's all I'm gonna say.