Win-It Wednesday: Three Amazing Books + other contests

Last week's winner of Ms. Meyer's 2nd and 3rd books is... Ashley! Send me your address, A.I am in the mood to clear off some space on my bookshelf, so this week's Win-It Wednesday prize will be three books, all going to the same winner. Which books are they? you may ask. And here is your answer: nina.jpg same-difference-cvr2.jpg wintergirls.jpg You can read about what I thought of these books on I Heart Daily, but the short answer is, they all RULE. To enter to win, tell us all about another contest you've found in the comments. This will be so fun because everyone can enter a gazillion contests just by looking at the comments, and all those blogs will feel major love! Win-win-win! Here are a few contests I know about: * Bookworm's VIOLET IN PRIVATE giveaway * Readergirlz package-o-books giveaway! * Readergirlz Mary Hogan six-book-set giveaway * Harmony gives away 3 copies of Catherine Clark's WISH YOU WERE HERE * Read this Book's contest for my VIOLET ON THE RUNWAY, Tera Lynn Childs' OH.MY.GODS and Stephanie Hale's SPRING BREAKUP Your turn!