Win-It Wednesday: The Lancome/Violet Gift Bag!

Yay! Finally a couple of photos from the lovely Lancome and Violet By Design events this weekend. (Tomorrow: Marc by Marc photos--promise.)There's me with Lancome spokesmodel Selena Breed (who's not only stunning, but also really funny and smart and into mini-cupcake icing) and celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin (a genius who spent five minutes on my face and made me look very glam but very me at the same time--hard to do!). Then there's me with Whitney from America's Next Top Model--how cool is it that she showed up? DSC00874.jpgDSC00850.jpg The crowd was so much fun--everyone got their makeup done and I got lots of book signing requests! These are official Penguin photos, but I'll post some fun friend photos soon in a fun montage (I'm not the best at patchworking photos together on the blog, but I'm learning!). Now, check out the gift bag swag (I snagged this shot from Miss Whoever-You-Are--thanks!) lancome.JPG I scored three extra gift bags just for you blog readers, and I'll be giving them away in the next week! They each include the February issue of Vogue, a copy of Violet on the Runway and Lancome Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover (which I've been using, and loving, since Saturday--it doesn't hurt your eyes, which is key). To enter, sign up for my newsletter in the purple box at left (it's for book news, really, so it'll just be a few notes a year). Or, If you've already signed up for the newsletter, you can just leave me a comment about anything that comes to mind--that counts too! Sign up or comment by next Wednesday, when I'll pick three winners who'll get gift bags. Sound fair? PS-There's also a current contest for any bloggers who are doing reading challenges (Young Adult Challenge, First in a Series Challenge, or A-Z Reading Challenge) to win a copy of Violet on the Runway. Visit Thoughts of Joy to enter! PPS-The Page Flipper also has a contest going on to win an entire pack of books, so head over there, too!