Win-It Wednesday: Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates

It was so fun to hear about where everyone was during the inauguration. Some watching, some studying, some totally ignoring. All interesting! The two winners from last week, as chosen randomly, are... HI im Kaitlyn *waves frantically* (The ABC's of Kissing Boys) and Ann (the necklace)! Send me your addresses.RR-3415R.jpg This week, I went and saw Kate and Leo in their first movie together since Titanic (which I saw a total of five times in the theater, but remember that I worked there so the screenings were free... and that makes it a little less embarrassing). Now, I've blogged about Revolutionary Road before, and the movie people offered a book for Win-It Wednesday this week! So, here's your chance. The thing is, I loved the movie, but having read the book and knowing even more of the back story made it that much better. Richard Yates's novel is a total masterpiece. It's about a married couple in the suburbs--so it's not quite what I normally feature here--but it's definitely worth reading. I'd be interested to hear what you guys think. So whoever wins it has to report back! To enter to win, just comment below and tell me what non-Young Adult book you've liked lately, if you've read one. I read so much YA that I joined a book club just so I'd have to read a regular fiction book every once in a while, and that's how I found Revolutionary Road. Good luck! PS-Other contests to know about (leave more in the comments if you've got em!): 1. This one on Linda Gerber's blog (ends 2/1). 2. This one on I Heart Daily (ends 2/10). 3. This one at readergirlz, including 25 full sets of Ellen Emerson White's President's Daughter series (ends 1/31).