Win-It Wednesday: Poseur, Frenemies and Two Amazing Clutches

Okay, so you know how I had five Ballet Shoes DVDs to give away? I'm about to list the winners. But first, I must confess that I opened one of them so I could watch it, so someone will get an opened and once-watched DVD. But it'll still be near-pristine! And the movie is really cute--I have it on right now while I should be working. Anyway, winners! They are: Carol (who would be famous for writing an urban fantasy series), Kate (who would be a critically acclaimed YA author), Marie (who'd be famous for her writing), The Bookworm (who'd be famous for snapping a picture of Big Foot!) and Rylie (who'd be famous for something that helps a lot of people -- like finding the cure for AIDS or cancer, or solving the climate crisis). Ooh, hearing about your ambitions was great, and giving away five things was also fun.51DhpA-26rL._AA240_.jpg51XY8ChRZhL._SL500_AA240_.jpg So maybe that's why I'm again going to do a multiple winner contest. I have another copy of Alexa Young's fantastic Frenemies to give away (see my original giveaway here), and I also have a signed copy of Rachel Maude's Poseur. Did you know Rachel and I are doing a reading together in Brooklyn next Tuesday? We are! Come if you're around. Info in the sidebar. Poseur is a really fun book with dozens of amazing subplots that make each character really come to life. Rachel's writing is fast and funny--a perfect combination. (Also, this cover pictured is the one I have, but I've seen a white cover in stores... weird?) IMG_8492.jpg Now, each winner of these two books will also win one of these two amazing fall clutches. Here's the shameful part: I cannot remember the designer who donated these clutches for Win-It Wednesday, and there is no label inside the bags! But they are so great looking (I'm a sucker for a kissing clasp) and they're lined with black silk. Such ideal holiday party bags. Please contact me, designer, if you read this, and I will shout your name all over this blog in thanks. I'm so sorry I can't remember where they're from. My boyfriend will tell you that I get tons of mail and it disorients me a little but I love it all. Forgive! So, two winners this week, and each winner will receive either Poseur or Frenemies + a clutch. Yay! 51ojT8zqcoL._SL500_AA240_.jpg To enter, post a comment below and tell me this: What's the last book you read? For me, I just finished The Geography of Girlhood by Kirsten Smith, and I adored it! I'd never really read a YA novel in verse before, and she captured such nuances of growing up that I was totally smitten. PS-Still time to win Violet in Private over at Kathleen's Book Reviews. Just a reminder!