Win-It Wednesday: Maine Squeeze

Great, great answers last week on which side character you'd like to see more of... if you haven't gotten a chance to read everyone's comments, browse here and on myspace--there are some really thoughtful ones! The winner of a signed copy of Violet by Design is... MYBKCLUB! Send me your address, and the book will be sent to you this week. 9780060567255.jpg Now, I'm giving away an awesome summer beach read today. It's Maine Squeeze, by Catherine Clark, and it's complete fun to read. I actually just signed on with HarperCollins to do a beach read for summer 2009! Here are the details from Publisher's Marketplace: "Melissa Walker's LOVESTRUCK SUMMER, in which an indie-rock girl spending the summer in Austin on a coveted music internship unexpectedly falls in love with a college cowboy who makes her challenge her own stereotypes, expand her musical tastes, and ultimately open up her world." I hope you guys will like it!

So to win a beach read for this summer, do me a favor: Give me a suggestion for a band name--could be country, indie, r&b, boy band--anything. I need some fake band names to use in my new book, so let me know if it's okay to use it. I will try to use as many of your band names as I can in LOVESTRUCK SUMMER. Cool?

And I'll choose a random commenter next week to win a copy of Maine Squeeze.

Happy Wednesday! (Oh, and Happy Birthday to me... my boyfriend got me these flowers, which I really, really love. Aren't they so quirky and cute?) IMG00088.jpg