Win-It Wednesday: Last week's winners and the new contest!

How cool is this countdown graphic that The Book Muncher made for me? I love it! Thank you, Book Muncher! This week's contest will be to win an early copy of Violet by Design (release date is... well, look left! Soon!). This sequel follows Violet around the world as she walks international runways and struggles with body insecurity and ever-confusing first love. So to win the book, you must either sign up for my newsletter (purple box at left, if you're not the commenting type), or respond to this question: Show me something online that you've enjoyed in the last week or so! Could be a blog post that interested you, a youtube video that made you laugh, a dress you just had to have on What was it? 64171_main_large.jpg For me, today, it was this article from New York magazine about French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld, The Anti-Anna, who never wears jeans (though she notes that they suit her), who says that "all the girl who work at French Vogue are very skinny and beautiful" and who isn't afraid to make a transvestite her cover model. Love her or not, you can't tell me she bores you! So what fascinated you online this week? (I want to peek!) Good luck! PS-Oh! Forgot to give it up for the winner of last week's contest. First of all, I loved all your swoon-worthy mentions just in time for V-Day last week! Thank you! 45 entered, and the winner is: Mitzy! Email me your address, Mitzy! There's a review copy of Not Anything by Carmen Rodrigues ready to go out to you!