Win-It Wednesday: Fairy Ring necklace and Frenemies

The winner of the adorably retro Anne Taintor cosmetics bag is... Meredith F! (Thanks everyone for commenting on the blog tour!). Send me your address, M. Yay!fairyRing_d.jpg Another talented contributor to the book party gift bag is Natha Perkins, a badass and elegant metalsmith who put a generous gift certificate in each SWAG bag. Natha says, "I pound, pierce, fire, emboss and more to make every piece amazing and unique." And--lucky us!--she has graciously donated a gorgeous Fairy Ring necklace for this week's Win-It Wednesday! Inscribed on the ring is, wait for it... "The fairies dance with the violets"--how perfect is that?! The pendant itself is a hammered circle that nestles together with candy colored semi-precious stones, and it hangs on an 18" sterling bead chain. I'm so into it. And I'm also giving away a copy of Alexa Young's Frenemies, which not only has holes in the cover, but is also a fun and fabulous read that fits in with New York Fashion Week, going on now (Pics from pretty, pretty Vivienne Tam show on the way!). 51XY8ChRZhL._SS500_.jpg This book has all the spirit of middle school and the fashion world. Which means major snark, but spread around with humor and heart. Honestly, Frenemies could have easily fallen into being a flat and mean-spirited read, but Alexa writes so well (as you can tell from her hilarious blog) that she created girls you actually care about following. I truly enjoyed reading this book and I can't wait for book 2, Faketastic. Oh, and with Alexa's book I'll throw in my invitation to the Vivienne Tam show, which I vlogged about here--it's pretty and is a good bookmark for fashion reads like Frenemies. So one person will win the stunning Fairy Ring Necklace from Natha Perkins, and one will win Alexa's sparkling debut novel + Vivienne Tam invite! To win, just comment below and tell me where you'd wear the Fairy Ring necklace. If I had it, I'd wear it all over Fashion Week this week and tell everyone about its Violet connection. Winners (chosen randomly for each prize) will be announced next Wednesday. PS-Another GCC interview up at Shanna Swendson's blog! Forgot to point that one out last week. Sorry! PPS-I'm reading tonight in the West Village with a slew of great authors (see sidebar at left for details). Come out if you're near! PPPS-Did anyone see Oprah yesterday? I totally cried. Plus, 90210 has me hooked and Privileged was really good!