Win-It Wednesday: Betty Boop, MAC lip conditioner and!

yhst-41882421237954_1979_23363266.jpeg If you don't have a calendar yet, this contest is for you! I'm giving away a mini Betty Boop calendar from Don't you think Miss Boop has a little notorious Bettie Page thing going on?11636.jpg Is there a historical connection? Oh, anyway, who doesn't love a cartoon pinup girl? So, to win, comment below and tell me what fashion trend you'd like to see come back. I wish bodies like Bettie's would return to Hollywood. Now, last week's winner of the Mac Lip Conditioner, chosen at random by one of those number generators among the comments here and on myspace, is Tammy, who resolved to teach her friend Poker or Euchre. I don't even know what Euchre is really. Cards? But yay, Tammy! Send me your address. And, a reminder that today is the very last day to enter's contest to have your name mentioned in the third Violet book, Violet in Private (that means I'm not quite done with revisions yet and can still slip your name in!).