Win-It Wednesday: A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly

jan_northern.jpg Last week's contest got intense! And now I have to random-number-generate the winner, who is... Shari! Send me your address, and you will soon be reading Judy's wonderful signed book.Today I'm giving away a copy of Jennifer Donnelly's A Northern Light, which happens to be the readergirlz pick for January. We're discussing the book in the forum (join us for a Live Chat with author Jennifer Donnelly tomorrow--Thursday--night at 6pm PST/9pm EST!). I really loved this book! The story takes place a hundred years ago at the turn of the last century--16-year-old Mattie, a thoughtful and whip-smart wordsmith, has big dreams that are sometimes blocked by her big obligations. She's a fantastic heroine, and you will love spending time with her. Also, this book was awarded a little thing called the Printz Honor so, you know, it's officially good. To enter to win, go visit my guest spot at at A Blog of Books this week and leave comments. I'm being interviewed and reviewed. Look for my guest post about great fashion moments in books later this week! Every entry that you leave comments on counts as one entry in this contest, so then just comment below and tell me you did that. Also, +1 if you post about this contest or twitter or send a bulletin or whatnot. You know I love word-spreading. Happy Wednesday! PS-Have to promote I Heart Daily today because it's a do-good heart: Shop For A Cause! Sign up for the newsletter if you haven't already!