Win a copy of Leftovers by Laura Wiess!

Glitter Words
Ooh, contest week! I love contests, I really do. 17170399.JPG Today, we start with a copy of Leftovers by Laura Wiess. (Note: My copy is an Advance Reader's Edition, and the cover's a little scratched, but the inside is pristine!). The story of best friends Blair and Ardith will keep you riveted to the page -- it's an exploration of what might drive teenage girls to the edge (absent or irresponsible parents, a-holes at school, the "boys will be boys" attitude that dominates and excuses too much). Loved this book. To win your copy, all you have to do is tell one person about my new book Violet by Design (official release day is tomorrow!). You can tell them anything -- that you've heard about it, that you liked Violet on the Runway (if you did!), that you read the author's blog -- whatevs. Then just comment below and tell me who you told (bonus for librarians and booksellers!). That's it; you're entered. I'll choose a winner next week, so you have all week to spread the word! Thank you! Tune in for tomorrow's contest. PS-Fun to read: Janet Malcolm compares Gossip Girl to Nabokov -- and does it well! And thanks to The Story Siren for liking Violet on the Runway (unexpectedly in fact, which is even more of a joy for me!)