Win-It Wednesday: Time to SING! For A Treasure Map of Boys

Last week's winner of signed (with bookplate) copy of Evermore is... Llehn! And the signed copy of Blue Moon winner? Olivia! Send me your addresses, L and O. Evermore comes from me and Blue Moon comes from Alyson Noel. Yay! Now, this week I'm about to leave for a big trip, so I'm starting a three-week-long contest. It's all based on this video by my myspace friend/Violet fan Daniel: I cannot stop watching it. I love it. Seriously. I've already taped like 10 songs of myself doing this, none of which I can let you see (they are terrible). But I'm going to post my own version of me doing a song I love at the end of this contest. Now, for you, here's the challenge: Make a video like this. Whatever song you like, a quick excerpt works. Lip Sync it up. Everyone who makes a video gets a prize, because--hello--you're providing me with major entertainment. I'll send out lip gloss, a book or two, maybe some new music, various fun stuff. Nothing boring. If you're not up for the singing part (why not????!), you can spread the word treasure map of boys.jpgabout this contest. That counts as an entry too. Just tell me below where you posted/tweeted/talked it up, and you'll be entered to win a copy of E. Lockhart's latest, The Treasure Map of Boys (if you know the Ruby series--and you should know the Ruby series--you know this book is going to ROCK). One random video-maker and/or word-spreader will win this book. And if you make a video, you have a chance to win this book and another prize because every video gets a prize! Oh, and if you make a video, which you can totally do with the camera on your computer or a digital camera, put it on youtube and share it with me: You don't have to make it public if you don't want to, but if you do, let me know if I can share it later. I would love to do a singing post in August. Remember, the deadline for videos is August 5th. Good luck, and have fun!