Win-It Wednesday: Sophomore Switch

Thanks for all your insightful comments about the cover of Leigh Brescia's One Wish! The randomly chosen winner of the book is... Ann. Ann said, "I really appreciate the use of symbolism." (And this cover was chock full of symbolism--totally interesting!) Send me your address, A.sophswitch.jpgThis week, I'm giving a way a book that I hearted for I Heart Daily, so you can read my thoughts about it here. Abby McDonald has an awesome debut. I asked her which character--partying Tasha or studious Emily--is more like her, and she said, "I USED to be more like Emily. Back when I was a teenager, I was a straight-A student, super-focused, but then I came to realize how much pressure I was putting on myself - for no reason! It's one thing to want to get good grades and get into college, but there's so much fun stuff about being a teenager that can fly by if you're caught up in planning for the future, like Emily does. At Oxford, I was surrounded by high-achievers like her, and I actually found it hard to write her to begin with, because I just wanted to shake her and say, 'Calm down!'. But if it came to picking one of the characters to hang out with? I think Tasha would make an awesome friend!" You guys will love these girls. Abby's site has a ton of fun extras: social networking profiles for the characters, playlists, and a download of the first couple of chapters. To enter to win, tell me below: Do you consider yourself a feminist? Guy or girl, just weigh in on what feminism means to you. My own answer is: Yes! I think of feminism as being really pro-woman, and not anti anything (well, besides discrimination against women). So yay for the F word! Oh, and here's a trailer for Sophomore Switch that YA Book Nerd made!