Win-It Wednesday: I Can't Keep My Own Secrets

The winner of Graceling (the readergirlz pick of the month--we're chatting live with author Kristin Cashore TONIGHT at 9pm EST, so join us!) is... Amanda, who's reading Poems of New York for school and Shiver for fun.I Can't Keep My Own Secrets.jpgThis week, I'm going to give away a copy (it's an ARC) of Smith Mag's latest 6-word memoir book, I Can't Keep My Own Secrets. It's an amazing collection of 6-word memoirs by teenagers. I'm going to open to one page and just write down a sampling of what I find there: "I thought you said you'd call." --Jennifer G. "Two cheerleading sisters. I chose acting." --Maggie M. "Always listening, but never really heard." --Agnes T. And those are just a few! There are guys in here too, of course. Every page is shining genius! Can't you tell already?? So, this contest will take a tiny bit of skill. What's your six-word memoir? Write it in the comments below, and you should also post it on, where you'll find thousands of six-word memoirs to inspire you. Oh, and follow them on twitter for an update each day (follow me too if you like!). Mine? Here goes: "Writing teen novels. The angst lives." --Melissa W. See, it's fun! GO.